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The company presents "Delta" boats. The boats of high quality with a quarantee are made in St Peterburg of the South Korean boat reinforced Mirasol fabric (the world leader in the production of boat fabrics in 2015) with glued double saems. Boats have alredy been sold for about 3 years in all major cities of Russia. We complete theme with our fittings in Uliyanovsk, and sell them from here.Thank to such logistics, the price for delivery to customers is minimal or not provided at all.

Patriot Production Company has been producing accessories for boats and fishing products in Uliyanovsk for more than 10 years. We have high quality fittings; some items are developed by us and have no analogues.

In case of production defects we exchange goods without any questions and papers, we take care of all expenses. Yet there have been no returns over the past year, while the sales network is growing.

It"s better to buy PVC boats wholesale from the manufacturer. Ice screwers and boat accessories are always in stock, everything is of our own production. And all these are made by us. Back in 1989, theree different manufacturing companies united their efforts: injection molding of plastics, metalworking, and the St. Peterburg boat production, and created a powerful production structure. Our product range:

  • Boat accessories
  • PVC boats
  • Ice screws

New items are in the constant development.

Oars, pumps, transom wheels, Patriot Ice screws and Delta boats are very popular.

We ship goods all over the country. We work with wholesalers and fishing shops quickly, flawlessely, on hight qualitaty level.

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+7 (8422) 26 46 26 - accounting

8 937 875 88 45 - manager Svetlana
E-mail: Lodka73@list.ru
E-mail: Lodka73_sales@list.ru sales dapartament
E-mail: lodka73_info@list.ru agreement, account


We have a wide network of partners. There is our representativein your city for sure as well but if you want to talk to the manufacturer, write to us...

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